Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sympathy For Our Devils

Excited to announce a spot in a group show at the Steam Whistle Brewery on July 6th 7-11pm to July 31.
Featuring fellow artists Erick Castaneda, Jaime Capell, Paolo Diaque, Jordan McKie, Daniel Martins and Tomas Zatrak in a theme about masks.

A taste:::

Used to assist in the telling of myth, masks have maintained a long preserved and widespread tradition throughout the history of Mankind. As such, they are closely entwined with language. The stories spoken verbally or enacted physically were all the more engaging with a mask to bring an added sense of mystery and symbolic presence. They are excellent aides in the personification of elemental forces and often provide a face for the faceless.

To wear a mask is to alter the perceptual exchange that takes place between the wearer and the audience. With tribal ceremony involving masked players there is great opportunity for expressive participation and community bonding.

With these aspects in mind, the majority of the 'masks' to be presented have been formed from mirrored word arrangements.

Head tilting may be required ^v^
^Sympathy For Our Devils^ ^Light, Shadow, Vision^

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