Tuesday, April 20, 2010


First prototype color copies. Compared with the black & white versions below, these have a much greater depth to them. Further still, once I incorporate 3D sculpural elements and holography. Until then, I'm left experimenting with color gradients and layering to evoke more vibrancy.

On the computer screen and especially with my larger prints I've noticed the interesting feature of faces popping up in certain regions of the vortex depending on my proximity to it.

In other words, the human mind has a great ability for spotting patterns, such that these crisscrossing shapes at various fades will often reveal recognizable facial features. Some look happy, some look sad, some look altogether alien:::

I find it fascinating to ponder that perhaps these patterns personify entities residing in a World of Words. A world that we all seem to tap into so freely and draw meaning from. A world with a foundation in Symbol and built by Prose.

This is a Land of Language that exists at the edge of print, between the spaces and lines. It's a realm riding the defining curve of conceptual understanding. It flows through the cultural matrix of sounds, recognized and accepted as speech.

At a certain distance from the image these "faces" will be perceived. Upon closer inspection, they lose their distinct forms and the eye sees only shapes. In the case of these two, the shapes are those of LOVE and UNITY.

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