Wednesday, July 8, 2009

War & Peace

Process shots of a school project with a war and peace theme.
To look back upon human history it would appear that peace is merely the time between wars, considering that a sizable portion of recorded history is riddled with acts of savagery and slaughter. As such, the hourglass is continuously being flipped and the process repeated.

The dove slowly dissolves into the open hatch of a black tank teetering on the precipice of a cascading oil wave. Above the dove sits the Flower of Life, an ancient and universal icon of creation. Also representative of the underlying order contained within apparently chaotic conditions.

In each of the corners spin the gears of war, powered at their core by the ruthless greed of the Industrial Military Complex ~ personified by a snake coiled around a bomb. Standing as pillars on either end of the hourglass are DNA strands containing humanity's potential for creation as well as destruction.

Set behind it all sits Earth's energy source, the radiant inferno that is the Sun.