Monday, December 14, 2009


:::This planet is
a trampoline ~
how high
you jump
is up to you:::
downward tumble,
elastic stance,
graceful motion,
deep in trance ~
formation from
a steady breath,
a leap of faith,
the slate wiped clean ~
escape into
a long lost land,
an ocean blue,
a forest green.
Seek the seekers,
change the view,
wake the sleepers
with eyes renewed.
Stretch, expand
this static shape
take your hand
and grab a friend ~
take the other
and grab the crew ~
we’re here to heal,
to learn, to feel:::
Connect the dots
and flip the page,
shake off the spots
and jump on stage:::


:::apprentice of dust
:::fractalogical perspective
:::and a total sense of trust
:::in the
:::and the purpose of rust
:::there's a lust for decay
:::as it paves the way
:::for multiphasmic application
:::by intermorphic vibration
:::and a quantum response
:::through the program modulation
:::of a crystalline formation
:::shifting in relation
:::to the resoNation
:::of a universal operation
:::personified presence
:::in the preparation
:::and proliferation of a
:::forward fixation
:::by uplifting concentration
:::and a humble ambition
:::toward a total condition
:::for pattern
:::feeling the way
:::with the pieces in play
:::molding moments
:::like clay
:::energetic abstraction
:::empty is the cup
:::containing lasting